Online Video Tutorials for Special Children with Special Needs

The credentialed experts at Apple Tree combined their years of experience, education, and training into an online learning program that conveys — in simple step-by-step videos — how to effectively manage your child’s most difficult behavioral and/or developmental challenges.

We are dedicated to helping parents and caregivers achieve the best possible outcomes for the child in need: expanded verbal and play skills, improved imagination, and enhanced back-and-forth conversation. To do this, we start from the beginning — paying attention, sitting and remaining compliant for learning, following simple directions, responding verbally, and using visual schedules and cues.

With Apple Tree, learning is easy and fun through helpful video lessons. We also offer descriptive and detailed instructions explaining how to be successful and confident when dealing with your special needs child.

We’ve helped thousands. We can help you too!

With behavioral issues out of control, seemingly straightforward situations can quickly become arduous and painstaking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Apple Tree, we explain, describe, teach, and show you how.